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Oasis natural rubber mattress

Organic cotton jersey knit cover employed for its elasticity, and is removable for seasonal cleaning and airing.

natural rubber mattress cut

The Oasis natural rubber mattress features a 6-inch natural rubber-core formed using the Dunlop process.

Oasis wood slat foundation
platform style bed frame foundation

For proper support and ventilation place your Oasis natural rubber mattress on a wood slat foundation or a platform bed frame.

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Oasis Natural Rubber Mattress

The 6-inch natural rubber core, formed using the Dunlop process, increases resilience and allows complete breathability. Natural rubber is extremely resilient, durable and flexible. Natural rubber is surrounded with quilted layers of organic wool (2 lbs. per square yard of wool is needle punched, then quilted), and encased in a removable, organic cotton jersey knit cover, allowing for breathability. The elasticity of the organic knit fabric ensures durability as well.

No metal. No synthetic flame retardants, polyesters or plastics. Organic wool is a natural fire retardant. Rubber-core is naturally resistant to allergens, mildews, molds and dust. Natural rubber is individually wrapped in organic cotton gauze to reduce movements in the mattress, and increase longevity of the rubber plates themselves. All mattresses constructed in a certified manufacturing facility in Canada, with certified organic raw materials.

Set includes a mattress and wood slat foundation. 20 year warranty. 30-day free rubber plate exchange. Canada.

Thickness: 7-inches (6-inch rubber core).

Density: Medium (ILD equals 32-35) or firm core (ILD equals 38-42).

Upholstery: 100% organic cotton jersey knit cover (2 lbs. per square yard of wool is needle punched and quilted into the removable cover).

Contents: Natural rubber from Sri Lanka (96% natural rubber, 4% ash and/or zinc), 100% organically raised wool from Argentina and 100% certified organic cotton.

Care: Mattress protector highly recommended to keep your mattress clean and dust free. Do not allow mattress to get wet. Place mattress on a wood slat foundation, or on a ventilated platform bed frame. Turn and rotate mattress every three months (use handles to guide, not to lift when rotating). General care.

Usually Ships: 1-2 weeks. $50 flat freight delivery fee. Surcharge may apply depending on the final destination. More delivery information.

Specifications: Dimensions are given in inches.






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$50 flat freight delivery fee.