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Toxin-free, stainless steel water bottles are durable, lightweight, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Reusable, lightweight and bpa-free 12oz stainless steel bottle with sippy cup, designed for small hands.

Klean Kanteen offers a stainless steel cap or a polypropylene #5 cap. A Happy Planet sells only the stainless steel caps with the exception of the sport drinking cap and sippy adapter.

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Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Reusable, lightweight stainless steel water bottles, lab test proven to be 100% free of heavy metals and toxins. These containers will not impart taste and do not leach toxins into their contents. Plastics (polycarbonate) have been shown to leach carcinogens including BPA during regular use, exposure to heat, and especially after cleaning. From manufacturing, to use and disposal, plastics pollute our health and environment.

Klean Kanteens are constructed from high quality sanitary grade 304 stainless steel which has a low nickel content. Stainless steel has excellent resistance to stain, or rust, due to its chromium content. Stainless steel is easy to clean and durable, it needs less maintenance and its hygienic qualities means that we do not have to use harsh cleaners to get a clean surface. There is little or nothing to dump into the drain that could have an environmental impact.

Caps are non-leaching and toxin-free. Interchangeable caps fit all 12oz, 18oz, 27oz and 40oz stainless steel bottles.Choose among a sport drinking cap, a loop cap, or a low-profile flat cap. Adapters with sippy spouts are available. All caps are interchangeable between bottle sizes and are made with either stainless steel or polypropylene #5. A Happy Planet sells only the stainless steel caps with the exception of the sport drinking cap and sippy adapter, available only in the polypropylene #5.

Designed in California, made responsibly in China.

Sizes: 12oz, 18oz, 27oz, 40oz.

Contents: Electropolished, non-leaching, high grade 304 L.N. (18/8) stainless steel. Klean Kanteen’s 304 L.N. stainless steel is grade blended specifically for food preparation, dairy, brewing, various medical uses and other applications where mineral migration is unacceptable. The steel is put through a electropolishing process which seals the surface and prevents minerals from migrating into the contents.

Care: Klean Kanteens are dishwasher safe (washing caps in the dishwasher is not recommended because water can squeeze itself into the cap) or easy to clean with a bottle brush and mild soap. We recommend an old fashioned cleaner: white vinegar and baking soda.

Usually Ships: 1-2 weeks. More delivery information.





12oz w/pp#5 sippy cup

5.1" x 2.7"


18oz w/steel flat cap

7.8" x 2.7"


27oz w/pp#5 sport cap

9.8" x 2.7"


40oz w/steel loop cap

9.8" x 4.1"


Additional cap, any style