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Coloration for most of the patterns is obtained from the natural state of the materials, through sun bleaching or oven baking.







(A) Turkish Timber
Oven baked bamboo and wood reeds. Note: water based stain is applied to reeds only.

(B) Ho Chi Min
Bamboo and wood reeds.

(C) Ho Chi Max
Bamboo and wood reeds.

(D) Ho Chi
Bamboo and wood reeds.

(E) Red Sanctuary
Stained wood reeds.

(F) Prairie Mat
Grass and cellulosic fiber.

Product Recommendations
chemical-free carpeting and rugs.
bed frames and bedroom furniture

Choose from a variety of styles from the Biofloor line of completely non-toxic, chemical-free carpeting and rugs.

Hand built and finished solid maple wood bed frames and bedroom furniture will provide years of care-free service and beauty.

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Product Reviews

Earthshade Natural Window Treatments

Manufactured from the highest quality, renewable grasses, reeds, bamboo, hemp or other cellulosic fibers in whole, part, trimmed, twisted, or braided to obtain truly unique patterns. Each handmade window shade is custom made to your specifications. Your choice of Roman Fold or Old Style Roman lifting styles at no additional charge (top-down/bottom-up operation is available for an additional charge). All shades come standard with free valance, nylon cords, and mounting hardware. A stress-reducing continuous clutch operating system, or multiple shades mounted on one headrail is recommended at an additional charge for larger size windows.

All patterns have an impressive degree of insulating and sun shading properties that may increase the energy performance of the window system.

Coloration is obtained from the materials natural state, sun bleaching, oven baking, or the use of an applied water base stain to one pattern only (Red Sanctuary) assuring even, natural, and enduring beauty.

Finishes, chemicals, lacquers, or other commonly used “clear coats” are not necessary thanks to Earthshade's extreme care and attention to quality and inherent properties of the material insuring lasting durability.

Hardware is of the highest quality; including operational, non-corroding metal pulleys (high recycled content) as opposed to industry standard stationary plastic guides. This increases the wearability of operating cords substantially.

Available in ten operating styles, Earthshades are an ideal solution for virtually any circumstance. Styles include top-down/bottom-up and custom motorization by wireless remote control.

Shades can be prepared to meet commercial fire codes with a water based, low-toxicity fire retardant, making Earthshades an ideal “designer” option for commercial/contract applications.

Raw Materials: Gathered primarily from Central and South America utilizing fair trade practices as often as possible. Sun or air dried and crafted by hand. Naturally occuring hydrogen peroxide is used to clense and lighten the fibers where desired and allowed to evaporate leaving absolutely no residue behind. Darker coloration for select patterns is obtained through primitive oven baking.

Fabric: Hand woven in a Mexico City facility by three generations of family for over 50 years. Cotton based threading is used. Weaves are generally 2 to 3 times tighter than most others. Finishing agents, including lacquer, stains, fungicides, ultraviolet protectants or other chemicals, are not necessary and therefore not utilized. The only exception is the use of a water based, low toxicity applied stain to Red Sanctuary and Turkish Timber (reeds only) and or the optional application of a water & mineral based, low toxicity fire retardent for commercial spaces where required by code.

Shade Fabrication: Mostly accomplished by hand in a Texas U.S.A. facility, again by the same three generations of family for over 50 years, utilizing the absolute highest quality recycled content hardware, cording, and reclaimed lumber when possible. fabric scrap is often used for packing material.

Specifications: Please contact us for availability and pricing.