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Oasis organic cotton-fill pillow

Organic cotton is a static fiber and will provide a firmer, flatter pillow, great for stomach sleepers.

Product Recommendations
HOM Organics pillow barrier cover

To keep your mattress clean and dust-free, we recommend the HOM Organics pillow barrier cover for the Oasis organic cotton-fill pillow.

The Oasis organic cotton-fill comforter complements the Oasis cotton-fill pillow.

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Product Reviews

Oasis Organic Cotton-fill Pillow

Pillows are garnetted with organic cotton batting, rolled and inserted into the cover, to maximize longevity and support. This process ensures the filling remains even and smooth. Carded organic cotton adds comfort. The Covers are made of durable but luxuriously soft organic cotton shells.

Hand-picked Peruvian organic cotton-fill is free from contaminates and chemicals. Organic cotton is a static fiber and will provide a firmer, flatter pillow. Available in three lofts. 3 year warranty. Canada.

Sizes: Youth, standard, queen and king.

Loft Options: Available in slim, regular and high loft.

Organic cotton filling compresses to one half it's original loft over time. Slim loft is very slim, recommended for stomach sleepers or people who like their heads low to bed. Regular loft is fine for most people, mainly back sleepers. High loft is recommended for tall, side sleepers (wide shoulders) and reading in bed, or for asthma sufferers.

Contents: Certified Peruvian organically grown cotton.

Care: Keep cotton-fill items covered and dry. Freshen monthly by exposing to direct sunlight and fresh air. Professional or hand wash only, Do not agitate or use hot water. Do not dry in direct sunlight. General care.

Usually Ships: 1-2 weeks. $5 flat freight delivery fee. Surcharge may apply depending on the final destination. More delivery information.

Specifications: Dimensions are given in inches.











Slim Loft





Regular Loft





High Loft





$5 flat freight delivery fee.
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