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Fibers test kits include a travel-sized pillow in either natural wool, organic cotton or natural shredded rubber.

Small samples of each of the raw materials used in the construction of an Oasis or Green Sleep mattress are included.

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Organic and Natural Fibers Test Kit

The test kits are designed to enable the individual to determine if they can tolerate the ingredients of our mattresses and bedding accessories. Originally we would send out only small samples of each raw material, so the individual could rub the sample materials on their skin to ascertain if one could tolerate the raw material.

We now include with the sample raw materials, a travel-sized (14x19-inch) pillow which has proven to be much more accurate as an indicator regarding toleration of the raw materials.

All three test pillows share the same outside cover fabric—organic cotton damask mattress ticking fabric, as well as the same organic raw materials used in the construction of our Oasis and Green Sleep mattresses.

One pillow is filled with the organic cotton batting that is used in our innerspring mattresses, futons and cotton bedding accessories.

Another pillow is filled with the pure Texel wool which is used under the surface of all our mattresses, to meet the federal flame retardancy requirements, and in some of our bedding accessories. (If you cannot tolerate wool, then it is possible to make the mattress without it as long as you send us a doctor’s prescription. This absolves the manufacturer of liability for making a mattress that doesn’t meet federal requirements).

The third pillow is filled with shredded natural rubber. We use solid natural rubber plates as the cores of most of our mattresses and use natural rubber in some of our bedding accessories. Although it is completely natural, some chemically sensitive people cannot tolerate the odor of natural rubber. For people who aren’t chemically sensitive, it does not pose a problem.

The pillows are wrapped in cellophane and when one opens the cellophane bag, the most pungent aroma that will ever be emitted will occur at that time since there is no opportunity for offgassing of the ingredients after the pillow is made.

We will credit any money spent on test pillows toward future mattress orders.

Includes: Organic cotton, natural wool, natural rubber samples and test pillow.

Usually Ships: 1-2 weeks. $5 flat freight delivery fee. Surcharge may apply depending on the final destination. More delivery information.