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Welcome to A Happy Planet

In an effort to preserve our own health, and the environmental health of the planet, many people are choosing a simpler, more natural way of life. Since 1996 A Happy Planet has been proud to bring you quality merchandise, made with respect to humanity and the earth. We provide sensible, durable products created only by those manufacturers who are committed to using organic and natural materials.

A Happy Planet Bedding Showroom, 4501 Irving Street, San Francisco, California

We encourage you to browse our online store, or to experience all of the luxurious, organic selections firsthand, visit our San Francisco showroom. We carry a wide offering of organic mattresses and bedding products, from a variety of manufacturers, for the health conscious individual to compare. By providing a range of alternatives to try, we enable our customers to make good, sound choices from among the best organic mattress sleep systems and bedding accessories available.


Organic Mattresses

Featuring the Oasis natural rubber and innerspring organic mattress sleep systems.


Organic Bedding

A comprehensive line of organic bedding necessities, ranging from pillows and comforters to linens and mattress protectors.


Organic Baby

Avoid dangerous toxins in the nursery by choosing organic, chemical-free crib mattresses, bedding and clothing basics for your newborn.


In addition to specializing in organic mattress sleep systems and organic bedding, we offer a chemical-free assortment of baby essentials; luxurious bath selections; handcrafted, solid maple wood furniture; and natural, functional products for the home. Moreover, we have established a solid reputation for using only the finest ingredients available, certified organic, hand-picked cotton, natural rubber, pure wool and sustainable harvested, untreated wood. Find out more about these raw materials in our learning center.

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non-toxic furniture   organic bath   natural home